Over-Valuations Are Costing Southbourne Sellers Millions Every Year!

We’ve conducted serious research regarding Southbourne house prices, using 8 years of our own local sales data, and information from our data partners;

Dataloft, Rightmove Plus, Zoopla Pro and the land registry.

We then tested, re-tested, measured and checked the results, and the outcome is pretty astonishing in terms of prices achieved.

Everything about a sale is superior if you set a lower, but flexible asking price

  • You get a higher price •Better choice of buyer •Fewer aborted sales

It’s a win/win/win.

The asking price, combined with marketing, will dictate the perception of your home to the current market (aka buyers).

  • The lower the price: the greater the prospect that potential buyers will see. (There are parameters for how low you can go)
  • The better the marketing of your home: the greater the opportunity that buyers will see.

It is the combination of these two variables that will determine the greatness of the opportunity (or lack of) to would-be buyers.

The volume of high quality interest is what drives the price.

The formula to calculate your PSO (property sales opportunity) is very simple.

MQ                    X                      PO               =                   PME

(Marketing Quality)   (Price Opportunity)   (Property Marketing Energy)

Say we put some figures in to this equation.  PME has a range of 1-100.  Perfection would be:

MQ of 10 and a PO of 10 = the maximum PME of 100.

Where does your house rank?  I’d say in Southbourne we see an average MQ of about 4 and a PO of say 8 = 32.  The average PME of a sale in Southbourne is 32 out of 100.

Higher PME = higher price.

If you want to know where your property PME is, or you’d like to ask a few more questions, please do ask.  I do love a discussion.

Simon Ward

Mr Green, Managing Director